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Success and Happiness - Can They Exist Together?

A negative guy become napping peacefully below a banyan tree, when a businessman takes place to bypass thru the sphere. He become surprised that the man, who had barely covered his body with sullen cloth, may want to sleep so peacefully in even in daylight.
He awaked the bad guy and requested, "Why are you drowsing? Why don't you work?"
The negative guy questioned the businessman, "Why have to I paintings?"
"Well, if you work, you will earn cash." spoke back the businessman.
"Then, what?" asked the terrible man again.
"Then you can make investments the money in business and make more money. So you'll have lot of money." recommended the businessman.
The negative guy repeated his question, "Then?"
"Then you may enjoy your life." said the businessman.
"But that's what I am doing." said the poor man.
And he slept once more peacefully.

The arguments of the poor man do make feel. Yet, we always believed that achievement is important to achieve happiness in life. All our lives, we battle to gain more and more success within the desire that we might obtain happiness after being a hit. Yet the general public realise after accomplishing success in life that fulfillment rarely make them glad. Every success brings with it a more desire to acquire more achievement and the procedure is going on until the give up of lifestyles.

What is Success?

Success is difficult to define as it's far too subjective. Thefreedictionary.Com defines success as "the achievement of some thing preferred, planned, or attempted". Since the desire or all of us is specific, for this reason "achievement" method various things to exceptional human beings. Desires vary no longer only among extraordinary humans but also for the equal person in distinct degrees of life. As soon as one preference is fulfilled, the next preference emerges and the hunt for achievement maintains.

Happiness has been described by thefreedictionary.Com as "the country of nicely-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy". Thus happiness seems to be handiest temporary phenomenon that comes on the ones moments, whilst the preference is fulfilled or the dreams are finished. Yet lasting happiness can in no way come from the fulfillment of desire as the goals of guy can by no means be fulfilled even if he acquires all of the wealth of the arena or come to be the maximum powerful individual of the sector.

Thus all happiness is only transient. Who need such happiness that has to be necessarily accompanied by using ache and misery in life? This is, but, the fact of existence. Everything has a price and every one has to pay a fee for the whole lot he achieves in life. So the cost of achievement is paid in the coin of happiness.

The accurate news is that you can acquire happiness if you are willing to pay along with your success. Is there any proof for such claims?

The Cost of Success

The e-book, "Peace with God" by way of Billy Graham, narrates an prevalence to illustrate that success does no longer mean happiness. The applicable excerpts from the e book are as following

In 1923, a set of the arena's most a hit financiers gathered at Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. .The Meeting became an outstanding array of wealth and strength. Seated at the single desk have been the sector's largest unbiased steel corporation, a outstanding wheat speculator, the president of the New York Stock Exchange, a member of the cupboard of the President of United States, the president of the Bank of International Settlement, the person who changed into called the most important trader on Wall Street , and another who headed the arena's maximum powerful monopoly.

Together those eight men managed greater wealth than the United State treasury.

They fired the creativeness and kindled envy. Yet their stories had been incomplete then as humans then were now not knowing their ends. The give up tales of these most a success guys are as following.

Charles Schwab, president of the metallic corporation, lived the final years of his existence on borrowed money and died penniless. Arthur Cutten, greatest of the wheat speculator, dies overseas bancrupt. Richard Whitney, president of the New York Exchange, served a term in Singapore Penitentiary. Albert Paul, the cupboard member, become pardoned from prison in order that he should die at home. Jesse Livermore, the "endure" of Wall Street, Leon Frazer, president of the Bank of International Settlements and Ivar Keuger, head of worldwide's biggest monopoly, all devoted suicide.

What is the lesson that changed into unknown to those eight men and is still unknown to the maximum a success people of the arena? The lesson is apparent and simple. It is much like the vintage proverb which you can't have the cake and consume it too. You cannot have fulfillment and happiness simultaneously. You must lose one to get the other.

The Source of Happiness

The true happiness comes best from the success of the soul. The pride of frame on my own is not enough to make the person glad because the pleasure of frame is most effective brief. Just like no amount of food or water can satisfy the preference of the character for existence, same is genuine with all material happiness. Man begins feeling hungry and thirsty inside hours of feeding oneself to the fullest. Thus all the physical and sensual pleasures which can be relating to the body satisfy the individual only for little time. Lasting happiness can come only with the aid of the delight of soul that's non-fabric. A man gets happiness only when he works for the happiness of the soul which comes best with the aid of the provider of God. No possible please body and soul at the equal time. Jesus made this very clear as he said,

"No you possibly can serve  masters. Either he will hate the one and love the alternative, or he will be dedicated to the one and despise the alternative. You cannot serve both God and Money." (Mathew 6:24)

Here money represents the source to reap physical pleasures in this international as the entirety that pleases the senses and the frame can be bought with cash. Thus it changed into made clear within the Bible and different scriptures that one can't reap Money that's the cloth dimension of the worldly delight of the need or achievement and happiness that is the non-fabric size of the pride of the soul.

Achieving Success and Happiness Together

Thus it is quite glaring that it's miles not possible to please body and soul on the equal time. Therefore, people who are seeking for happiness regularly fail to attain achievement and the folks that end up a success fail to achieve happiness.

However similar to frame and soul are not impartial to every other and they constantly exist together, so is the case with happiness and achievement. Body desires soul for life and soul needs frame to behave. Yet each movements ought to be harmonized with each different to be able to create symphony and beauty in existence.

Every person after he achieves success must change his gears and then enjoy the success. Only when the happiness starts offevolved subsidizing, then one need to goal achievement once more.

We can evaluate this phenomenon like kinetic and capability strength of physics. Once you figure on an item and raise it to a top, your work is stored inside the item as "capability power". Whenever you go away the item, the ability strength gets transformed to the "kinetic strength", which comes on the price of capacity energy. The sum overall of the strength is, but, usually identical that's same to the work done by using you. Only step by step the power dissipates because of friction and many others.

Thus every a hit man or woman ought to after achieving success need to forestall worshipping money and start worshipping God. What it means in actual life is that it is easy to after doing true for the self (egocentric act), must spent his wealth for the bad and needy for the arena (selfless provider). Thus his achievement receives converted to happiness which comes simplest whilst the individual serves the sector which means serve the God as God is present in every creature of this global. This is what Bill Gates is doing after reaching all the success of this global.

Conclusion: Happiness and Success are Complementary

Happiness and achievement are consequently now not contradictory to every different but complementary to every different. They are as complementary as man and woman, day and night time, frame and soul. They are distinct however they exist handiest with every other. You can in no way reap one without different, nor are you able to attain both on the identical time. This is how the world seems to were designed. Anyone who attempts to acquire happiness with out reaching success on this international fails similar to nobody can serve God if his frame is hungry. In the equal manner, no one achieves happiness if he seeks most effective the pride of the frame and senses. A clever man therefore, balances both in existence and achieves each happiness and fulfillment in this global rather.

Dr. Awdhesh K Singh is an Engineer through training and philosopher by passion. He has posted numerous papers in International Journals and Conferences on the subject of E-governance, Artificial Intelligence , Fuzzy Logic and Expert System


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