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Spreading Happiness One Person at a Time - An Interview With the Chief Happiness Officer

Spreading happiness one man or woman at a time is the task and vision of the founder of the "I am Happy Project" Edwin Edebiri. The first time I met him he handed me a card and on one side it requested a question: On a scale of one -10, how glad are you. And on the opposite side become a list of the "Ten Ways to Be Happy."

I had been following the happiness motion through the activities of the I am Happy Project. I changed into there when they go to the Shriner Children's Hospital in Sacramento and surpassed out dozens of the "I an Happy" pins for the youngsters.

The First Annual Global Happiness Summit will take region October 2010 aboard the U.S.Hornet in Alameda, California. With over a dozen audio system, providers and sports, it promises to be a transformation event.

Edwin become glad to answer my questions and proportion his assignment and imaginative and prescient for spreading happiness globally.

1. The Global Happiness Summit is billed as the maximum critical and dynamic event within the history of the happiness movement. What is the happiness motion?

A: With all the focus on troubles in the world, the happiness motion is a aware attempt to shift that and consciousness on happiness as an choice.

2. What stimulated you to end up a pacesetter inside the happiness motion?

A: It was an answer to a very simple question, what can I do as an man or woman to shift human beings's mind from all of the bad gloom and doom that was everywhere inside the early 2009 to something extra nice?

Three. Why is spreading happiness important to you?

A: I do now not like the course things are heading. People killing others over little irritation, others relying on tablets for his or her each day living and still extra humans pursuing their desires and dream on the fee of their happiness. It is a direction that needs to be reversed and can be completed if humans apprehend and lay a foundation of happiness first.

Four. How did you get the title - Chief Happiness Officer? And the call for "I am Happy Project?

A: CHO - In the beginning after I commenced going out speakme to human beings, a younger guy came to one of the periods I did and he said, Wow! You have to be one of the "Head Honcho" of happiness?" I understood what he changed into getting at, however I idea how do I go round being the Head Honcho of Happiness - it failed to sound proper. Well I failed to need to be CEO and so I stated how approximately CHO. And he stated that makes on the grounds that - Chief Happiness Officer

As for the "I am Happy Project" There is three components to it.

First is "I am" - I have continually trust inside the electricity of confirmation, I desired it to be easy and gift, as on this second. This is what happiness is, now, no longer the previous day or the following day, simply now.

Second element is "happy" this is what it is all about, to encourage human beings to recognition on Happiness, talk approximately it and act upon it.

Finally is the "project" I wanted to make certain it became larger than me and ongoing never ending work.
I changed into looking for a name that became self explanation, inclusive and ongoing, that is where the mission got here in.

5. What on your history specially qualifies you to be a pacesetter inside the happiness motion?

A: First factor I inform humans on the subject of qualification, is that I do now not have a PhD in anything, I do now not have education in Psychology or sociology (except me be what turned into required as preferred have a look at for you undergraduate years) and eventually, I am now not a licensed counselor. I am just a glad guy that wants to see different human beings satisfied

6. What makes you proud about your involvement with the happiness movement?

A: The memories is sincerely on top of the list, people write or tell me the effect it's miles having on their lives. The human beings I even have attracted into the motion is absolutely splendid (such as you). Finally, considered one of my early desires is to have the media speakme approximately happiness as they communicate about recession, and this is occurring.

7. What does the future hold for the I am Happy Project?

A: To continue to spread happiness globally one individual at a time. To encourage members to volunteer at hospitals, nursing domestic and group houses, raise money for high-quality reasons.

8. What makes the Global Happiness Summit and event that other humans MUST attend and WHY?

A: The summit has  primary objectives, to assist people increase and sustain their happiness and 10-10-10, (10 items to raise the worldwide happiness index through 10 factors over the next 10 years)

nine. You have card that listing 10 ways to be glad. How did you give you that list?

A: After speaking with over seven-hundred human beings close to happiness and that they telling me what make them glad and sad, I decided to compile what humans were telling me in an easy way to use.
(People have been pronouncing I ought to write a ebook, but I recognize that takes an excessive amount of time and I desired to get this out right manner)

10. What do you observed motivates human beings to grow to be concerned within the happiness motion? What prompted you to get into this unusual movement?

A: People simply experience suitable approximately supporting other people. Helping to unfold happiness is one quite simple manner to assist people. When People inquire from me what do you do? When I say I unfold happiness, they get excited and want to be part of it.

11. If certainly one of our readers thinks that "Happiness" isn't practicable or sustainable, what could you say to convince them it's far?

A: For one there is lots of sciences that now returned up that you can learn to be happy similar to you study most matters. So I will encourage them to 1. Focus on happiness 2. Make time for it, three. Learn a number of the equipment that make human beings happy - together with the 10 ways to be satisfied and to wear the "I am Happy" pin. 4. To unfold happiness - You see, "Happiness is a fragrance you can not pour on others with out getting a few drops on your self." Ralph Waldo Emerson

12. What is your very last message to our readers?

A: Since some thing we awareness on grows, Focus on Happiness and watch it develop on your existence and within the global.

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